Who we are

Desire Healthcare LLC is a private medical provision practice based in the state of Maryland and provides accessible medical and behavioral health services with an emphasis on preventive, wellness, acute/chronic, and several medical/behavioral health services; with consideration to the numerous barriers, such as Covid-19, busy lifestyle, misinformation, underinsured, uninsured… etc., that prevent people from accessing medical care they need.

Our Services
Desire Healthcare LLC provides both medical and behavioral Health Services. We provide telemedicine and face-to-face services which include; on-site visits, house calls, and specific meeting locations. Our Mission is to compassionately serve, provide quality care, and encourage our clients to take charge of their health to reach an optimal level of wellbeing.  Here are some of our services:

Chronic Disease management (Hypertension, Diabetes, etc.) | COVID-19 testing | Care coordination with other providers/specialist | Immunizations | Annual Physicals | Lab draw/ Specimen collection | Cancer Screening | Weight Management | Management of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, etc. | Psychotherapy | Urgent Care Services

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Direct Primary Care Service
Comprehensive healthcare at an affordable rate...Coming Soon!
Desire Healthcare LLC prides itself in bridging the barriers preventing people from accessing healthcare services. One of such barriers is the high cost of accessing healthcare by uninsured/underinsured persons. Desire Healthcare targets this barrier through the provision of Direct Primary Care Services to its enrolled clients.
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Our Founder

Dr. Courage Kwi-Mancho


Dr. Courage Kwi-Mancho, DNP is a multi-specialty board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) with over 10 years’ experience in various healthcare settings as a registered nurse and Nurse practitioner. Dr. Kwi-Mancho has experience practicing in skilled nursing facilities, outpatient primary care, and psychiatric/behavioral health facilities, and as a healthcare faculty.

From her experiences, several diseases can be prevented/managed well with lifestyle modifications/compliance with recommended treatment. These lifestyle changes/modifications and compliance with treatment have to be preceded by the client’s understanding of the disease process and the action of the medication/treatment.

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You can now schedule an appointment for either an in-person, or zoom teleconference meeting. Once scheduled, and confirmed, we will reach out to you with zoom meeting details and information.